Let’s face it… Apart from Gene Kelly, nobody likes to be singing in the rain! No one likes to be in the pouring rain when they have somewhere to be and something to do. Not a single person enjoys going home soaking wet, making the whole house a mess with…

Trading is fun. It is enthralling yet risky. Yes, markets are highly volatile, which makes trading a much trickier thing to handle. Sometimes it takes sleepless nights and sore eyes to make your trade win. At this point, trading becomes a somewhat tiresome thing to do.

What can you do…

Who is the NagaX for?

The answer is simple… everyone!

NagaX is a full-service crypto exchange that allows anyone to buy or sell popular cryptocurrencies and cross-rates. Each user will be given a secure wallet to store their cryptocurrencies.

Those without a NAGA account can simply visit NagaX.com …

The Foreign Exchange Market, best known as forex, is always fluctuating making it a very fascinating asset class. From Monday to Friday, the forex market ticks 24 hours fueling the world of international commerce and trade to the tune of $6.6 Trillion a day!

To a beginner, the number of…

The power of the community can take you beyond your own capability.

Introvert or extrovert it doesn’t matter! We all have the need to communicate and share thoughts and experiences. It’s something to do with our need to create emotional bonds. But, what that’s got to do with trading?

Well, imagine this. There are thousands of traders in front of their screens…


NAGA — The Social Investing Network. A unique concept that allows everyone to trade FX, Indices, Stocks, ETFs, CFDs & Cryptocurrencies in one platform.

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