The update NAGA Trader fans waited for!

Dear NAGA Traders,

We are excited to present you our latest global update for the NAGA Trader for Web, iOS & Android.

This update is truly special, as it closes an over 4 months long development cycle.

Our team analysed user feedback and heard everyone’s voice to find out what really matters.

As a result, we made a holistic plan agreed to improve our trading experience, to expand our social features and to make our platform as convenient as it can be.

If you are not in the mood to read the whole story, here’s what’s new:

- News Feed with media attachments, tagging stocks, post translations, and trades sharing

- Fresh Help section with interactive tutorials and educational videos

- New Support Center

- Live chats via Intercom on all platforms

- Trading Functionalities

- Charts and charting tools

- Funding UI/UX for WebTrader

-UI/UX Bugs

And here are all the details:

Trading Updates

Professional trading tools

Also, we are happy to announce that our entire trading features on the Frontend are completed. With our TradingView charts you can select from a wide range of indicators and for example share your chart-analysis via an inbuilt screenshot generator right to the NAGA Feed:

We also added to the My Trades section the “chart view”. This allows you to manage your position simultaneously by looking at the chart for the chosen asset:

NAGA Feed Updates

There is a reason for which the media calls us “The Facebook for Stock Trading”. Indeed we aim to build the best social investing platform and build up a great community of like-minded people. Thus, we were busy on our social features and are happy to present you the finished work on our NAGA Feed.

Sharing your thoughts and emotions about financial markets

With the NAGA Feed, you can share your trading success alongside with images, videos, links to interesting articles, as well as tag stocks and add your current state of mind! By tagging assets that you are interested in with a hashtag (#), we transform these as tradable items for everyone who sees your post!

Sharing is caring!

Do you think some posts are worth to be shared to others as well? From now on you are able to “Share” any posts to your network!

We have also enhanced the activity stream of your network. If you are interested to see what your friends are now following, liking or commenting, you will never miss that out again. Also, thanks to our built-in real-time translation service, we made sure you understand everything that was shared across the globe by the NAGA community.

Trade like the community

As we not only want our community to grow, share and connect, but also find the next big profitable trade, we are happy to present you our solution of the “Trade card” on the NAGA News Feed. To every trade that has been opened or closed by your friends, followers or top traders, we added a country flag to each post, a small information box with the investment amount, trade outcome, as well as the amount of traders investing in the asset of the original trade. On top of that you can instantly open a trade or simply copy the trade with the same settings as the trade has been opened with!

New Features & Additions

We are also glad to announce our new funding user-interface. It has more details and a much better handling. The instant cryptocurrency funding is executed in the background on the NAGA Exchange. Check it out!

New Help Center

With a large and recent wave of new traders joining our platform, many of them have questioned the basics of using NAGA Trader. We have therefore prepared a new “Help” menu which interactively explains you how to use every feature in the platform. You will also find a collection of Tutorial Videos and a Help Center with almost 200 articles on how to use NAGA Trader!

New Support Experience

There was a number of reports about the customer support response time. We have re-organized our entire support strategy and also used this phase to introduce a live chat powered by Intercom.

You can now chat with us during office hours, check the system status and get important notifications right when you login or come back to our platform.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you!

Updated Design and Features in the “MY.NAGATRADER” Area

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that we have spend almost two months in order to make the new Client Area as convenient as possible for our users.

The Client Area has a new layout which has a much better user experience, especially on iOS & Android. We also improved the account funding, withdrawals as well as document management. A lot of smaller issues have been fixed and the entire client area runs smoothly and effectively.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Thank you for your patience and your interest in the update! We will be happy to receive further feedback and get the chance to improve the platform with our community together.

Happy Trading!

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